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Water closing in!

So you're managing to make it through these uncertain times. You've even gotten around to that spring cleaning you kept putting off, done early! Things have finally started to feel like it's all coming together, or so you thought! THEN BAM!, it has rained for two days and water is all over your kitchen floor. What to do? It's so easy to become overwhelmed, especially when you have no idea the reason for all of this water. Now its time to do a little problem-solving! Natural instinct tells you to check the faucet. No success there, next you, check the pipe still nothing. It slipped your mind that perhaps the rain was the underlying villain. A million different scenarios are going through your mind. What to do seems to be the only thing you have came up with...

Different types of Water

You may not know, there are three types of Water. Here are some examples of pricing which varies. CLEAN WATER- which comes is from rain, condensation, leaking pipes, etc. It's usually seamless to clean yourself. If you decide to seek professional help, it can cost around $3.00 - $7.00 per square foot for basic water damage cleanup. The second is GRAY WATER, slightly dirty water from washing machines, dishwashers, toilets, etc., which might be contaminated. These you can always carefully clean yourself. To hire a professional for water damage cleanup cost varies to $4.00 - $8.50 per square foot. And the last is BLACK WATER, which is from sewage, sump pumps or severe flooding from nearby rivers, etc. This water contains waste, bacteria, and other dangerous contaminants. Black Water can cause severe health problems, and you should not try to clean it up yourself. It's time to contact the pros for home water damage repair. Black Water damage cleanup cost rises to $6.00 - $12.00 per square foot. At Moisture Master Pros, we also specialize in Health Hazard Assessment. We will conduct an initial inspection of the area and identify which type of hazard it is, then offer solutions. If you think your home or business has been affected, contact us immediately. WE CAN HELP!

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